Stunning Visual


Grand Panoramic Size

With the Newly-Completed Assembly Hall as a backdrop, we see two Temple Craftsmen at their day’s work,  moving stone blockes from the stockpile of hewn stone to the Temple building site.

Fine Details Abound

Reproduced in a print large and clear enough to look into the faces of the beasts that the early Pioneers tamed to help tame the land.  Notice the Temple Stones in the background, cut, numbered and ready for setting into place.

Faithful Devotion—

—Tested Strength

Oxen. Part of the Power that tamed the West

These are the faces of two of the men who

 built the Salt Lake Temple.  Perhaps one of your Pioneer ancestors.  If they are recognized, we would be pleased to properly reward anyone who can identify these devoted men.

Even a few Mysteries

Gallery size; 48" X 32" depending upon frame.  Individually numbered limited edition.  We will contact you for your frame preference.

Photographer Alex Martin, travelled the West composing some of the most beautifully structured and artistically composed photographs of his time. What makes this special early Salt Lake City photographic view exceptional, is it's artistic composition. Truly a work of art in every sense, the positioning of historic elements in this numbered, Limited Edition Print,

 "Works in Stone" are as fine as you will find.

Lost for over 130 years.  Recently discovered, and preserved for posterity.

This testament to Pioneer Spirit and devotion, hanging in your Den, Office,

 or Family Room will be an heirloom treasure; revealing to your family, friends and associates a visual history of the early Church in

Salt Lake City.  Order your limited edition, hand-numbered print today.

Professionally framed with fine materials . . . . . . . . . $1495

Finest Artist substrate Print Only . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$  985

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